Volcano – Embedding system

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Embedding system with extraordinary features. The 3 modules inspire with their details. The ergonomic design allows a perfect workflow. The large work area with deep rills for a good drainage of paraffin into the waste tray allows efficiant and fast work. The forceps holders are ideally located and can hold up to 8 pieces. The amount of paraffin can be easily adjusted. The LED light can be dimmed (in 4 steps) for customers wishes.

Modern controls:

The modern controls allow a highly efficiant and energy saving work start. By the easy reachable 6 key control all features can be set quickly. For your comfort, the cool spot temperature can be controlled as well.

Additional options:

The embedding system can be addapted to customer wishes with additional options. That are special separators for moulds an cassettes as well as electrically heated forceps with different tips.


The embedding system is designed under most modern ergonomic aspects, ideal size, comfortable arm rests, optimally paraffin flow lever and much more.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Big preheat unit with separate tray for moulds and cassettes
  • Dispensing unit with the choice of 2 containers (3,5 or 5,5 l)
  • Easy to use controls
  • Convinient located forceps holders
  • Large paraffin tray
  • Electrically heated forceps holders
  • Easy and efficiant to clean
  • Programmable cool spot
  • Large cool plate – temperature controlled
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