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Desert slide dryer is designed to dry the sections on the slides. Temperatures can be set between ambient and 99°C. The anodized black surface of the “Stacking Tiles” style hotplate provides high contrast with the samples. It also offers a large capacity (maximum of 44 slides at one time) for drying slides. The temperature is set with the LED digital display.It also features an auto memory for last used settings.

▼ Special “stacking tiles” design
The 4 beveled sections hotplate enables higher drying efficiency and enough room for users taking up or placing the glass slides easily onto the hotplate. Operator is thus protected from accidental touching the heating hotplate.
▼ Heating System control with Micro-processor
The built-in Micro-processor maintains the required slide drying temperature set by the operator, effectively dries the water on the glass slides after floating, improving quality of slide staining.
▼ Design
Special grill type design PE outer casing avoids water splashes and unit is ideally insulated, offers safe and relaxed operation.
▼ Technical Specifications
■ Dryer temperature range: between ambient and 99° C
■ Time to reach the set temperature: 10-15 minutes
■ Working temperature: 0°C – 40°C
■ Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
■ Power: 300W
■ Dimensions: 415 x 310 x 120 mm
■ Dimensions drying area: 295 x 270 mm
■ Weight: 6.2 kg

■ Special “stacking tiles” design
■ Microprocessor temperature control
■ Large capacity of slides
■ Ergonomic slim design
■ Stable performance
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