Sophisticated and versatile life science microscope for a variety of applications in the fields of advanced laboratory work, gynaecology, dermatology, histology or pathology. Brilliant infinity corrected optical system and advanced energy saving LED or bright Halogen illumination system create rich in contrast and crystal clear observation results.

Digital Line


■ Routine laboratory and clinical use e.g. Cytology, Haematology in bright and dark field, anatomy, pathology, histology, genetics, veterinary, chromosomal analysis, cell analysis, analysis of bacteria, observation of insects and monads.

■ Phase Contrast
e.g. gynaecological, dermatological & urological smears, urinsediment, urinary stone analysis, blood analysis in dark field and phase contrast, sperm analysis

■ Immersion dark field applications
e.g. Haematology in dark field, dermatology, urology (urine sediments)

■ Fluorescence applications
e.g. Bacteriology, virology, histochemistry, pathology, immunology, genetics, gynaecology

■ Polarization applications
e.g. Urology, pathology, forensic, geology, quality control, medical research, crystallography


■ Infinity corrected

■ Ergonomic ARCTYPE Binocular Tube

■ LED illumination system

■ Quintuple nosepiece

■ Rackless stage

■ Koehler illumination


Options to upgrade

■ Trinocular head

■ LED or HBO Fluorescence

■ Sliding Phase Contrast Set

■ Immersion Dark field

■ Simple Polarization Set

■ Observation unit

■ Heating stage

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