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Our Coastline – Wax Trimmer is specially designed for histology laboratories to remove excess paraffin from tissue cassettes after embedding. Simply slide with the tissue cassette across the heated surface and the excess wax is shaved away and collected in a waste wax collection box. The wax trimmer eliminates the risk of injuries by cutting into the fingers, because it is no need to remove the excess wax with a knife.

Our Coastline – Wax Trimmer offers save, fast and practical operation for precise sectioning results
▼ Technical Specifications
■ Built-in waste wax collection box for convenient waste collection and disposal.
■ Sophisticated heating system for fast heating up and with accurate and constant temperature
■ Ergonomically designed hand rest for operator in order to maintain a firm positioning during the operation
■ The unit is water proof, well insulated and heat resistant
■ Preheating time: 5 – 8 mins
■ Capacity of wax collection box: 300 ml
■ Working Temperature: 5°C – 40°C
■ Dimensions: 285 x 160 x 120 (mm)
■ Weight: 1.95 kg
■ Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
■ Power: 50W

■ Safe removing of excess paraffin wax
■ Ergonomic slim design
■ Compact structure
■ Stable performance
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