MICROS CAM 800 „Superior CCD“

High Color Fidelity and resolution

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MICROS CAM 800 „Superior CCD“ is a premium CCD camera with an exceptional high colour fidelity and resolution for applications in the fields of industrial inspection, image documentation in metallography, brightfield imaging in the field of clinical microscopy and fluorescent microscopy. Included is the Image Analyzing software „MICROVISIBLE“

Fast preview mode (2MP 20FPS) in High speed mode; Preview mode at full resolution: 2.2 FPS

Maximum Exposure time: 200 seconds

Resolution: 8MP

Sensor Technology: 1/1.8“ Sony CCD; Bit Depth: 12-bit Digitization & Processing

12-bit RGB Uncompressed Output; Microscope Interfacing: C-Mount

Pixel Size: 2.22 µm x 2.22 µm; Signal-to-Noise ratio: 61dB

Enclosure: Die-cast Aluminium; Power: USB

Compatibility: 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 10,

32-bit Windows Vista, XP.

For operating and controll computer and software needed!

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