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31. May 2021/News-en

Best Qualitiy – Best Price

MICROS Microtome Blades

The basis of every good microscope analysis is the perfect cut. MICROS Austria offers perfectly adapted blades for every tissue and enables precise cuts and the best results in your laboratory.

MS 200
the All-Rounder

All-rounder with unique hardened blade cutting edge, excellent durability.
Especially suitable for ribbon sectioning,  excellent sharpness, even with very thin cuts.

Link MS 200

MS 300
the Bone-Hard

A very sharp blade, especially recommended for cutting bone tissue. Also perfect for all other tissue types as well as for ribbon sectioning.

Link MS 300

MS 24
the Ice-Queen

Robust blade, Suitable for hard tissues but also for soft tissues and bone biopsies.
Very good results also with animal preparations and for cryostat.

Link MS 24

MS 33
the Sensitiv-One

Blade for applications where extremely thin, high-quality sections are required.
Suitable also for skin biopsy.
Short trimming time and increased durability.

Link MS 33

Big Player

High profile blade with high cutting quality at a constant load.

Link HP

Trimming Knive

Trimming knives are special blades for cutting tissue samples without causing deformations of hard tissues with fibers, soft or semi-fixed organs.

Link Trimming Knives
130 mm 
260 mm

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