Sundew MCXI600
Inverted Biological Microscope, an essential tool for studies of living cells, specimen of greater thickness or through the walls of laboratory dishes
Microscopic System 3 years warranty
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Key Features
■ Observing large and heavy parts
■ Plain stage with glass insert plate
■ Excellent optical function
■ Long working distance objectives
■ Strong built-in power supply

An essential tool for studies of living cells, specimen of greater thickness or through the walls of laboratory dishes
Inverted microscopes are designed upside down as compared to a standard upright microscope. The condenser is placed over the specimen, the samples are placed on the stage and the objectives are under the stage. This design is used when specimen cannot be stained or are placed in a special kind of liquid.

Our inverted microscope Sundew MCXI600 is perfectly used for applications like routine examining of tissue cultures, sediments, deposits, microbes and other live specimen in petri dishes and culture bottles.

Optics and illumination system
Excellent optical functions with infinity corrected LWD ICO² PLAN objectives; making the viewing field flatter and brighter. The eyepieces are extra widefield with a field number of 22. Observing objects with incredible color and sharpenss through the whole field of view.

Illumination systems

LED illumination system

The LED illumination system offers a bright illumination for the whole object.

Specimen stage

Sundew offers a specimen stage (160 x 250 mm) with an exchangeable glass plate and an auxiliary stage 70 x 180 mm.

Optional available is an attachable mechanical stage for stage x-y controls. Moving range 120 x 78 mm.

Ergonomic and compact design
The slim and space saving construction makes it easy to use in places with limited space.

For save storage and transportation we offer as option an aluminium transport case.

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