Sundew MCXI600 Fluorescence Attachment
Inverted microscope with Fluorescence attachment offering deep of color pictures
Microscopic System 3 years warranty
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Key Features
■ Advanced LED or powerful Halogen system
■ Various stages available
■ Multisystem condenser
■ HBO Fluorescence attachment

Microscope body
Sturdy base 360 x 280 mm, quintuple ball-bearing nosepiece

Infinity corrected optical system
Standard magnification range 100x - 200x

Illumination Systems

6V30W Halogen with built-in power supply


Low position coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control, incorporated tension adjustment and safety autofocus stop unit, focusing range 8 mm up and 3 mm down from focusing position (1.2 mm above stage)

Specimen stage
Plain stage 160 x 250 mm with inserted glass plate, including auxiliary stage (70 mm x 180 mm)

Observation tube
Compensation binocular head for infinity optics, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable.
Interpupillary distance 48 – 75 mm, diopter adjustment

Eyepiece (1 pair)
EWF10x/20 with eye shields
fits eyepiece tube Ø 30 mm

Infinity corrected LWD ICO PLAN Objectives
Fluorescent ICO² PLAN 4x/0.13, WD 16.3mm, CC 1.2
Fluorescent ICO² PLAN 10x/0.30, WD 12.4mm, CC 1.2
Fluorescent ICO² PLAN 20x/0.40, WD 1.5mm, CC 1.2
Fluorescent ICO² PLAN 40x/0.60, WD 2.2mm, CC 1.2

Abbé Brightfield Condenser
nA 0.3, WD 72mm – Extra Long Working Distance
with integrated iris and filter tray


Power Supply 220V 50Hz or alternative 110-115V 60Hz
Equipped with HBO burner 100 Watt and focusing/centering srews

Light Filter System
B (blue light), G (green light) and O (transmitted light)
Excitation filter (EX) (B) EX490 (G) EX545
Double direction dichroic mirror DM510, DM580
Cut-off filter (BA) BA530, BA590

Also included in the Set are:
2 pcs Super high pressure spherical mercury lamp HBO 100 Watt
- 2 pcs Fuse 250V 8A
- 1 pc Screen for eye protection
- 1 pc Special oil for fluorescence

Additional Fluorescence Accessories

UV-light filter system for fluorescence BP330-385, DM400, BA420

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