Lily MCX500
Large Laboratory Microscope with Patented Glass Flash Stage
Microscopic System 3 years warranty
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Key Features
■ Brilliant optical performance
■ REAL Koehler illumination
■ Sextuple Nosepiece
■ ERGO observation tube
■ Eyepieces with excellent field of view 23 mm
■ Swing-out condenser

Lily MCX500 is a premium life science microscope for professional research and substantial laboratory applications. It is the result of processing high-quality raw materials with great accuracy and love for detail. Due to its extraordinary and ergonomic design the shape of the microscope grants best stability and fatigue free and relaxing work is possible for many hours. Three powerful illumination system versions ensure that Lily MCX500 does not loose her brilliancy while observing with low contrast procedures like phase contrast or polarization. Lily MCX500 is available with either 50 W or 100 W Halogen or energy saving 5W LED illumination system. High value was set on comfortable operation and brilliant observation results, which are made possible by a premium ICO² PLAN Infinity corrected optical system, an adjustable REAL Koehler illumination system and by an ergonomic positioning of all the control elements. An ERGONOMIC observation tube is featured as standard and with the possibility to set the eyepieces in every position, small and tall users can have an ergonomic posture.  The extra wide 23 mm field of view allows a large-area survey of the specimen which leads to quick and efficient operations.
Our major life science microscope Lily MCX500 stands for the fulfilment of highest requirements in the laboratory area and we meet the demands of many customers for sophisticated microscopy at a reasonable price.

Brilliant optical quality

The infinity corrected ICO² PLAN objectives provide a clear image for all magnifications. The chromatic aberrations and curvature of field are corrected over the complete field of view. Objectives up to 100x magnification can be used without exchanging the condenser. A smooth working reverse-angle sextuple nosepiece leaves more working space on the stage, allowing for an easier and faster handling of your specimen.

Illumination system

Powerful and energy efficient


Real Koehler illumination

REAL Koehler illumination system
With the Koehler illumination systems the optimal illumination of the sample can be adjusted to get the best possible resolution for the image.

Swing-out condenser

The condenser is the second most important component that directly impacts resolution. Lily MCX500 high quality condenser has a nA of 0.9/1.25, is centerable and features a swing-out top lens which can be moved out of the optical path to create a more even illumination for low power objectives (2x and 4x) in order to fill the field of view with light.

Lily swing-out condenser illuminates the specimen with uniform intensity over the entire viewfield for all objectives from 2x – 100x magnification.


With low position coaxial coarse, calibrated fine focus control and with graduation reading 1µ per division the total focusing range amounts to 24 mm. The focusing system also has an incorporated focusing adjustment and a safety autofocus stop unit which prevents any unintended damage of the sample or the objective's front lens.

Practical Handling is required for people who regularly work with a microscope. Therefore the operation controls are positions user-friendly and designed ergonomically.

ERGO observation tube

Fatigue free and relaxing work with a microscope over a long period of time can only be achieved by the optimal adjustment of an ERGO observation tube. Lily MCX500 standard ergonomic tube can be smoothly inclined in different angles between 5° and 35°. With the interpupillary distance (48 - 75 mm) and the diopter adjustment the eyepieces easily fit to every user.

Photo/Video port

With the optional available photo/video port additional documentation systems can be assembled onto our Lily MCX500.


Extra Widefield eyepieces come with a large field of view of 23 mm. Eyepieces are also suitable to spectacle wearers.

Glass stage

Patented mechanical Glass Stage
The large double layer mechanical glass stage can hold two slides. As standard Lily MCX500 provides the stage with an exchangeable, ultra-hardened, frosted glass plate which is resistant against abrasion, scratches and chemical fluids. In addition the frosted screen makes the specimen visible and gives the possibility to preselect samples. An extra-safety glass and finish-machined edges guarantee save and aesthetic work. The glass plate can be changed easily when necessary.

Patented mechanical Glass Flash Stage (optional available)
To upgrade the glass stage it is connected to a high-tech light system. The integrated light foil grants a homogeneous illumination. The gentle light can be switched on or off and even after some working hours the surface does not get warm. In case it is necessary to change the glass plate, it can be done with just a few easy steps.


The ergonomic design of the microscope grants fatigue free and relaxing operation for many hours. The perfectly ergonomic arrangements of control elements enable an effortless handling of the microscope. The low positioned stage controls allow a comfortable handling of the stage movement with the hand remaining on the table.

Transportation and storage

With the optional available aluminium transport cases the microscope can be securely transported or stored.

Additional Accessories:

Observation units

These attachments allow the simultaneous viewing of the same specimen. Either Face to Face, Side by Side or multi-viewing for up to 5 people. Equipped with a bright LED pointer it is the ideal instrument for teaching and discussion purposes.

Documentation systems

Documentation systems are sophisticated solutions that allow microscope users to not only observe and study real-time images through the traditional eyepieces but also see the observation results on a screen. On the optional Lily MCX500 photo/video port all popular photo and video cameras can be mounted. We offer different accessories for various forms of documentation. Choose between digital compact cameras, digital SLR cameras, LIVE cameras with CMOS or CCD sensor or FullHD video cameras. To process the observation result, we offer a professional software system equipped with functions for digital photomicrography, image editing, measuring and counting. The software also features advanced exporting and reporting functions.


Turret Phase Contrast set
To make low-contrast specimen more visible, Lily MCX500 features a premium Turret Phase Contrast Set (objectives 10/20/40/100). The Turret condenser can also be used to observe brightfield and darkfield contrast methods.

The Set includes a Turret condenser, four phase contrast objectives, a centering telescope (Ø 30mm) and a green filter (Ø 45 mm)

Darkfield condenser
To observe specimen with a darkfield contrast method a special darkfield condenser or a phase contrast condenser with the option to view darkfield is needed.
Lily MCX500 features 2 types of darkfield condensers. With the dry darkfield condenser darkfield observations are possible up to 400x magnification and up to 1000x magnification with the immersion darkfield condenser. Also needed for immersion darkfield is a 100x ICO² Plan objective with iris diaphragm.

Polarization set
Lily MCX500 also features a polarization set consisting of polarizer and analyzer to observe specimen in special shades of color. The polarizer is put directly on top of the collector system. The analyzer is inserted in the designed slot between observation tube and body.

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