Wulfenia 8MP MCX500
Large imaging microscope with sophisticated technology for high content analysis

Set includes:
■ Microscope
■ 8MP Live CCD camera
■ Adapter
■ Basic Software
(camera control and basic image analyzing)

Microscopic System 3 years warranty
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The combination of sophisticated technology and excellent digital imaging makes Wulfenia to the ideal device for high content analysis and reliable image documentation.

Microscope body
Sturdy base 380,5 x 295 mm, Sextuple reverse-angle ball-bearing nosepiece
Power supply: 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz

Infinity corrected optical system
Standard magnification range 40x - 1000x

Illumination System
Real Koehler 12V100W Halogen with external power supply

Brightfield Swing-out condenser
Abbé Brightfield Swing-out condenser n.A.0.9/1.25 with aperture iris, centerable and features a swing-out top lens which can be moved out of the optical path to create a more even illumination for low power objectives (2x and 4x) in order to fill the field of view with light. Lily swing-out condenser illuminates the specimen with uniform intensity over the entire viewfield for all objectives from 2x – 100x magnification.

Ergonomic observation tube
ERGO head with variable inclination from 5° to 35°, 360° rotatable
Interpupillary distance adjustable 48 - 75 mm and diopter adjustment

Eyepieces (1 pair)
High-Eyepoint EWF10x/23 with eye shields
fits eyepiece tube Ø 30mm

Coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control with graduation reading 1 micron per division.
Total focusing range 24 mm. Safety Quickfocus Adjustment.

Glass Flash Stage
Double layer specimen stage (243 x 158 mm) with exchangeable, ultra-hardened, flexible glass plate and right handed mechanical stage, moving range 77 x 55 mm.

The specimen stage offers an ultra-hardened and frosted glass plate which is resistant against abrasion, scratches and chemical fluids and a high-tech light system. The integrated light foil grants a homogeneous illumination. The foil’s white surface creates an inspection area which makes it easy to decide about bad-dyed specimens or to mark very small samples. The gentle light can be switched on or off and even after some working hours the stage does not get warm. The surface is easy to clean and in case it should be necessary, the glass plate can be quickly exchanged.

Infinity Corrected ICO² PLAN Objectives
ICO² PLAN 4/0.10 WD 17.3 mm, CC -
ICO² PLAN 10/0.25 WD 10.2 mm, CC 0.17
ICO² PLAN 40/0.65, spring loaded WD 0.54 mm, CC 0.17
ICO² PLAN 100/1.25 oil, spring loaded WD 0.13 mm, CC 0.17

Additional Available

Highly efficient analyzing software package for photomicrography, editing and measuring

Three versions:

■ MICROS BioAnalyze "Basic" .......... details
■ MICROS BioAnalyze "Advanced" .... details
■ MICROS MaterialAnalyze .............. details

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