LED Ringlight Sets
With 40 or 80 LEDs available
actual item may differ from photo

Developed for lighting tasks in the field of stereomicroscopy for industrial and laboratory uses

LED ringlight set with 40 LEDs

Segment control unit
The segment control unit has a switch for the segment control of the ring light. Segment selection is dispalyed by 4 LEDs.

Features control unit:
■ Seperate button for right and left rotation of the segment
■ Autorotation
■ Rotation steps selectable in 45° or 90° steps
■ Infinitely adjustable brightness
■ No flickr with cameras due to direct current excitation
■ Operation of two light heads possible

Power supply 100-240V, brightness control continuous
Dimensions 95,5 x 64 x 29 mm

Segment sizes:
■ Semi, quarter or one-eight circles

LED ringlight 66/40
The LED ringlight (40 LEDs) provides an exceptional bright and homogenous object illumination and is suitable for microscope with a lens diamter of 66 mm as well as for other microscopes in combination with an adapter. The ringlight is attached with spring and screw, protecting the lense. In combination with the segment control unit various illumination scenarios can be implemented.

LED ringlight set with 80 LEDs

Segment control unit 80
This control unit enables segment selction with ON/OFF switch, buttons can be used to rotate the selected segments with two buttons available for direction changes. The rotary potentiometer can be used to infinitely adjust the brightness level. Compatibility is only possible with the LED ringlight 66/80.

Following segments can be selected:
■ Semicircle
■ Quadrant
■ Two opposing quadrants
■ Full cirlce

LED ringlight 66/80
This LED ringlight has 80 diodes and a correspondingly high light output. Different segments can be selected, lighted and even rotated in combination with the control unit 80. This guarantees optimal detection of contrasts on different surface structures.

Additional Accessories

■ Polarizing filter set for supressing unwanted reflections for ringlight 66/40 and 66/80

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