Focus PRO
Focus Stacking Software Module for MICROS Software
BioAnalyze “Basic” / BioAnalyze “Advanced” / MaterialAnalyze

images with different parts focused before merged
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Scope of Application

The module creates images with extreme depth of field, which cannot be achieved by a standard optical microscope.  Focus PRO can be used with stereomicroscopes as well as other types of optical microscopes for observation in transmitted or incident light and is also suitable for macro zoom imaging.

Operation Process

To be able to create images with extreme depth of field, the Focus PRO module needs images of the same object with different focus distances. Every image contains different parts of the object or specimen well focused.

With the first 4 images, different layers are focused result after merging all 4 images

The Focus PRO module then merges the images by using only the well focused parts of every image. The completely focused image is composed from these well focused areas. Possible shifts and scale changes between images are compensated automatically.

Additional module can be used with the following software packages

■ MICROS BioAnalyze "Basic" .......... details
■ MICROS BioAnalyze "Advanced" .... details
■ MICROS MaterialAnalyze .............. details

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