BioAnalyze "Basic"
Highly efficient analyzing software package for photomicrography, editing and measuring

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The software is designed to acquire images from a wide range of imaging devices (Live Cameras, SLR cameras, Pathological sample scanning workstation) including many image editing functions, indication and annotation of interesting areas of the image, image descriptions, saving and measuring of the acquired images but also measuring of live view images. The measured values are displayed in a neatly arranged table which can be exported to a Microsoft® Excel® file or a simple text file with just a few easy steps.

BioAnalyze “BASIC” also features a Time-Lapse Image Capturing function, which acquires images in a predefined time interval and the Time-Lapse Video Creation function creates a HD video clip of these captured images.

The user friendly and intuitive graphical interface BioAnalyze “BASIC” software package makes analyzing of observation results smooth and efficient and is suitable for users of all experience levels.


■ Live view on a computer screen which can also be used for demonstration purposes
■ Measurements in acquired images: insertion of a calibrated scale bar, measuring of dimensions
■ Measurements in Live view image: insertion of a calibrated scale bar, measuring of dimensions
■ Possibility to insert a calibrated scale bar in acquired images or in live view
■ Image editing functions, indication and annotation of interesting areas of the image, image descriptions
■ Automatic Time-Lapse Image Capturing function
■ Calibrations can be locked with a password protection; the calibrations are protected by a digital signature
■ Support for work on two-monitor workstations
■ Easy export of measurement values to a Microsoft® Excel® file or a simple text file


Control Panels of Imaging Devices
Every supported imaging device can be controlled by a dedicated control panel. The control panel contains a live view from the imaging device and elements for control of its functions and properties.

Acquiring an Image
In the open control panel of imaging device set the required parameters of exposition and acquire an image using the Capture button. Acquired image will be immediately transferred to the computer and displayed in the Display Window.

Image Acquisition from Analog Video Sources
The BioAnalyze “Basic” program is equipped with a control panel for image acquisition from analog video sources (analog cameras, DVD players and other analog devices).


Measuring functions on acquired images

With the line segment tool measuring of dimensions on acquired images is achived. Position of the label with the measured values, color and thickness of the measuring line segments can be freely adapted to individual requirements. For a basic idea about the dimensions a calibrated scale bar can be inserted into the acquired image. Type, size, color and position (vertical or horizontal) can be individually defined. 

All the measured values are stored in a neatly arranged table with the option to export the values into a Microsoft® Excel® file with just a few steps. When the acquired image is saved as JPEG or TIFF file format the measured values can also be stored directly within the image file.

Live View Measurements

Measurements can also be done directly in the live view. There is no need to acquire an image to perform the measurements.

For a basic idea about the dimensions also a calibrated scale bar can be inserted into the live view. Type, size, color and position (vertical or horizontal) can be individually defined.

Measuring of dimensions can be achieved with the line segment tool and measured values can be exported into a Microsoft® Excel® file with just a few steps.


The images are immediately after acquisition transferred to a computer and prepared for processing. The Thumbnail Browser enables easy switching to another opened image by a single mouse click. The Navigator window facilitates the work with the magnified images.

The images can be edited using the following functions:

- Crop (crop size can be defined in pixels, µm or mm)
- Rotation (by 90° clockwise and counter clockwise)
- Flip and mirror
- Resize
- Brightness and contrast adjustment
- Color balance adjustment
- Histogram adjustment
- Filters (sharpen, blur, negative, grey scale, median filter)
- White balance and black balance
- Indication of interesting areas (line, arrow, ellipse, rectangle, circle and freehand drawing tools)
- Insertion of text annotations


Time-Lapse Image Capturing

The built-in Timer module enables a time-lapse image capturing (automatic image capturing in defined time interval). The Timer module is capable to control the computer controlled illuminators. That way the illumination can always be switched on only for the time necessary for image acquisition to prevent a negative long-term effect of the illumination to the specimen.

Time-Lapse Video Creation

The built-in Time-Lapse Video module can be used to create HD video clips (with resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) from time-lapse captured images. For example when several (or several thousands) images of a slowly moving or changing object are acquired, the Time-Lapse Video module can be used to create a video file in which the movement will be recorded in a speeded-up form.

Additional Features

Two-Monitor Workstations Support

The main program window can be displayed on a primary monitor, while the control panel of a digital imaging device with a live view from a microscope can be displayed on a secondary monitor.

The Advantage of Working with Layers

All inserted objects (drawings, annotations, measurements) are displayed in a separate layer “above the image“. It is possible to modify (change of the line's color and thickness, change of size, change of position), delete, or hide them at any time. It is also possible to delete the whole layer with inserted objects or it is possible to merge this layer with the image.


The Software is available in following languages:
English, German, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian


MICROS Live Cams
■ Cam 320 “Advanced”
■ Cam 500 “Premium”
■ Cam 800 “Superior CCD”
■ Cam 200C/FL - Fluorescence
■ Cam 500M - Monochrome
■ Lumenera® INFINITY USB 2.0 Digital Cameras

Canon SLR Camera
■ Canon® EOS Digital SLR Cameras



Minimum Requirements

Recommended Specifications


Single-core 2.4 GHz

Multi-core processor

Operating Memory

1 GB

2-4 GB

USB Ports

2x USB 2.0/3.0

2x USB 2.0/3.0

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® XP(SP3)/Vista/7/8

Microsoft® Windows® 7/8

Monitor Resolution

1024 x 768 pixels

1920 x 1080 pixels

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